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Who can be a Smart Recruiter?

There is a belief that anyone can become a Recruiter.  Most of the Managers believe that they know recruitment better than a Recruiter. I strongly disagree with both.   Recruitment is an art.   Many including me do not consider candidates who say that they want to explore Recruitment being part of HR. No, Recruitment is a specialized area in HR and in many places, it is part of business operations. An ace Recruiter will demonstrate some distinctive qualities.  Let me try to explain – 

Being SuperTechy –  A Recruiter will demonstrate a strong willingness to learn and understand the technology and keep abreast of what is happening in the technology landscape. Many of the Recruiters and Hiring Managers play with “Ctrl F” and shortlist or reject a resume.  But I had the opportunity to work with a few smart Recruiters who will talk to the Hiring Manager, understand what the prospective employee is going to work on, what are the dynamics involved in the project, what all are the soft aspects to be considered, which technology stacks are to be used and what the mandatory requirements to look for are. Another important skill is using various techniques and technology to source candidates e.g. how to effectively use social media and mobile technology in recruitment. An ace Recruiter will thoroughly screen a candidate, gain confidence and then move forward to the next level. 

Being a Voyager:  A good Recruiter will instantly be ready to take any risk. They would have already achieved something good while in school or at work.  I had Managers who were Karate Champions, a 3-time Mr Chennai, an Anchor for a Horror Series on TV and a couple of female recruiters who were a Taekwondo Champion and a Basketball player. So going the extra mile is an inborn skill.  A recruiter cannot have hobbies like “reading books” and “listening to music” and cannot be timid, play safe and avoid situations because many times, the individual has to win the battle alone. So one of the most important traits to look for is whether the candidate has taken a risk in life or explored something new.   A heavily protected person from childhood may find it difficult to become a good Recruiter and face the challenges.

Being a Psychologist: Recruiters need to be good listeners and highly ethical. They also must-have traits of strong judgement, opinion and influencing powers.  Recruiters cannot behave vaguely and be misleading, I have seen my Team members counselling the candidates and at the same time influencing Hiring Managers to take the right decisions.  Recruiters can never win hearts by being egoistic and arrogant. Recruiters need to deal with Customers, Candidates and Colleagues, both Seniors and Juniors, very diplomatically; influencing what is doable/achievable. Therefore, it is extremely important that a Recruiter is able to manage and win them over by demonstrating patience, influence and diplomacy.

Being a Fashion Freak:  Recruiters need to be up-to-date, be it wearing the best clothing and perfume, carrying the latest gadgets or driving a stylish bike/car.  He/She has to be the most fashionable among colleagues and friends! This is to say that a  Recruiter must be aware of what is the latest trend in the market – anything and everything. I had a Manager who used to identify a Recruiter or HR Manager from a crowd.  He will challenge us in any party and identify HR Managers and Recruiters.  

Being a Nursery Kid: It is important that a Recruiter has the qualities of a child. Children have the habit of influencing and getting anything that they need. Children have the curiosity to learn and feel no shame in asking questions.  A child will always be playful and similarly, a Recruiter cannot be a serious personality. They need to be joyful always and enjoy each moment. 

Being a Celebrity:  A Celebrity is visible publicly, very flexible,  a role model who is looked up to, and loves to spend time with people and engage them. A Recruiter needs to feel like a celebrity. Recruiters cannot have a fixed frame of mind.  I have seen some of my team members not sharing their photograph on social media. If a person wants to be in Recruitment, there is no way he/she can have reservations about their privacy. Celebrities are also highly responsible and make statements sensitively. Similarly, a Recruiter should always worry about how they are being perceived by people around them.

How many people will not have these qualities due to various circumstances but I have seen many being transformed with proper coaching and guidance? 

In conclusion, I would say that Recruiters are specially made people who need to maintain class while dealing with the masses.

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