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Offer to Join!! God Almighty help! - FutureA4 Blogs

Offer to Join! God Almighty help!

Offer to Join! God Almighty help! The title term pertains to Recruitment and it is one of the important metrics measured for the effectiveness of the recruitment department. A lot...

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Who can be a Smart Recruiter? - FutureA4 Blogs

Who can be a Smart Recruiter?

Who can be a Smart Recruiter? There is a belief that anyone can become a Recruiter.  Most of the Managers believe that they know recruitment better than a Recruiter. I...

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The Story of Cook - FutureA4 Blogs

The Story of Cook!

The Story of Cook! I invite attention to the 1990s when all new-age facilities like Google, Whatsapp, Internet, Mobile phone were not there or not easily available. My friend had...

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Total Football in Recruitment

Total Football in Recruitment!

Total Football in Recruitment! In the Recruitment industry, aggressive ramp-ups, high-pressure, requirements for a never-heard-off-skill and do-or-die situations are more often the norm rather than an exception. Recruitment teams are...

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